Do we resort to disagreeing with others or agreeing with them?
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People have different standards in determining which opinion agrees with their conviction or not. People have a tendency to agree with those who agree with them in their convictions, but disagreement creates dissonance and harms the nature of the relationship between them.

Obtaining agreement with them makes it easier for a person to deal with them and gain access to their hearts. It is known that objection and criticism destroy ties. Likewise, agreement must have the quality of rationality. It is not correct for a person to agree with them absolutely on everything an act they do in order to be in harmony with them. In order for the individual to obtain the inclination of others and achieve harmony between him and them, he must rely on these basic characteristics:

Tolerance and the adoption of transgression and forgiveness attract many people who get along. On the authority of the Prophet - may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family -: (Be well and the grudges between you will fall away).

Kindness to people. On the authority of Imam Ali - peace be upon him -: (Whoever is good to people will continue to love them).

Staying away from controversy, as many debate conversations are futile. It was narrated from Imam Al-Sadiq - peace be upon him -: (Beware of quarrels, for they preoccupy the heart, breed hypocrisy, and earn grudges).

Envy and negative competition repel people, as it was narrated on the authority of Imam Ali - peace be upon him -: (Whoever abandons envy will have love among people).

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