How do you gain confidence in life situations?
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Situations in life have an impact on a person, and his abilities to control himself are exercised, as in cases of extreme anger, fear, and turmoil. He can maintain a balanced appearance and his facial expressions remain calm, so that his facial features do not show the boiling and negative emotions that arise in his chest, and this is a step towards gaining trust With equanimity in crises, and in order to take advantage of situations to grow your self-confidence, there are several points that should be taken into consideration:

- Persistence in the face of the reactions of others: Do not think about losing yourself in some interviews or situations in which there is an intense confrontation, or in social occasions towards which you feel aversion and anxiety. Do not choose hidden corners to hide. Rather, confront them and turn a deaf ear to obsessions and objections. If you are right, do not be afraid Blame the blamer.

- Self-suggestion through audible and read affirmations: A method known as psychological suggestion through mental imagery, as it strengthens self-confidence... It is advisable to plan the various life situations by writing it in beautiful, clear handwriting and attaching it to walls in front of us or we record it and listen to it before sleep, for example;

Such as the following statements: (I am always balanced - I am strong and bold - I feel serenity and inner peace, I am not concerned with what others say about me....)

- Do not care about others’ opinions of you: Being independent and not being drawn to the opinions of others is a path to self-esteem, especially since this requires practice in not wasting mental energy due to the provocative opinions of others, and not caring about what they think of you except after your approval, and remembering The saying of Imam Ali Peace be upon him: “He is not wise who is disturbed by false speech about him, nor is he wise who is satisfied with the praise of an ignorant person.”

- Lock up your internal reflections: Watch yourself carefully, and make sure that no one knows anything about what you feel, especially what may appear on your facial features, so control yourself and face it by remaining completely silent... Hide the expressions of your natural feeling regarding this event and distance yourself from its source if possible, and take comfort Rude Be balanced and speak coolly and with poise as if nothing had happened, and use tact in your speech, showing courtesy to those around you.

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