The good of competition and the negatives of envy
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Perhaps comparison is the beginning of the psychological influence that ignites the embers of competition or envy. There are many fields that bring together individuals who have the same goal and compete for common goals. Students aim for success and excellence, grocers aim to attract customers, merchants aim for fame and success in marketing goods, and employees look to... To Promotion, pay increase... and so on.

Competition is the positive and legitimate behavior that should be a correct reaction after a situation of comparison with the recipient of the blessing. The heart should be rid of the obsession of wishing the blessing would disappear from the competitor, and one should carry peace in his chest towards him.

Envy is the negative, reprehensible behavior carried out by someone who submits to the whispering of his own self and the fires of hatred and malice are kindled in his heart towards the owner of the blessing with whom the envious person compared his situation to, and he wishes it to be removed from him. The fires of hatred may cause him to harm him and infringe on his money or reputation.

Therefore, it was reported from the imams of Ahl al-Bayt - peace be upon them - that there are three signs by which the envious are known, and we can also consider them as criteria for discovering the truth of our behavior:

Are they competitors or envious? Which: -

The envious backbites if he is absent from us, as he does not control his aggressive impulses. He tries to get rid of his opponent by mentioning his faults and showing his faults to others in order to relieve the pressure he feels. His heart is like a volcano, boiling with hatred and rage.

The envious person flatters himself if he is present with us. He shows cheerfulness and meekness to those he envies, feigns affection for him, and perhaps takes the initiative to provide support and assistance.

The envious gloat over misfortune; He flies with joy when he sees his opponent in trouble, losing, or failing an exam, for example!

These standards and signs are revealed by situations!

What is latent and hidden appears with the passage of time, no matter how hard the envious person tries to appear as a friendly!!!

The individual must correct his convictions about the blessing he desires to possess, the virtuous level he hopes to advance to, and the profit or victory he is keen to obtain. The more honorable it is and the more good and happiness it brings to him and society in this world and the hereafter, the more worthy of competition it is, especially with regard to building the soul with scientific and practical virtues and perfections.

A person should beware of falling into the fires of envy, as anger pushes him to follow evil ways to harm the envied person, such as distorting his image in society!


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