The connection between exploitation and cooperation
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It is often difficult to describe the type of relationship that binds us with others. Is their interest in us and their communication with us for personal gain? Or is the relationship above interests? So that others aim of communicate is compassion and cooperation?

Perhaps we do not discover the type of relationship until after we go through critical pitfalls, so the situations are what speak, not the sweet tongue and smiling face that we are accustomed to seeing during communication!

The mutual need between people is something that is inherent in social relationships and cannot be denied, but it can become a basic goal in relationships, so that if the personal need were absent, there would be no communication between members of society. This is the negative aspect of mutual need. Because it is negative exploitation and reflects selfish motives, especially if the person cuts off communication after his interest ends, so he turns to another person as if he does not know you and there are no ties between you and him!

Some people tend for the nature of the relationship to be based on mutual profit, i.e. (profit for profit), even though this secures our role in social relations and protects us from exploitation by others. If we do not see any profit from this communication, we can withdraw and cut off communication, but these are relationships devoid of noble human values and lofty eschatological goals. Also, the nature of communication may be based on artificial pleasantries through holding parties, banquets, and extravagant sessions that make you feel cared for by them and that you are close to them. You will also find yourself forced to play the same role and invite them to parties and banquets. And extravagance sessions; because that is their way to maintain the exchange of interests! Once you reject their request or fail to invite them; they will abandon you and perhaps accuse you of negligence and miserliness!

Exploitation in social relationships such as friendship, neighborhood, fellowship, travel and work is one of the ugliest forms of negative exploitation. Because these ties should be built on pure foundations free from the impurities of selfishness and mortal motives. In friendship, the bond should be based on cooperation and support, and the bonds of cooperation with the neighbor should be deepened through care and sympathy, as should the rest of the relationships in travel, work, and fellowship, because they are the positive form of sound communication rather than negative exploitation.

The logic of benefit does not stop at worldly benefit; rather, the benefit should be connected to the reward in the hereafter. It is not necessary that you will gain from your social relationships in this world. There may be profit in the afterlife, as its gain is better and more lasting.

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