What is the sign of success?
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Everything has a sign by which it is known; The crescent moon is a sign of the beginning of the month, the lack of a profession for livelihood is a sign of poverty and need, the redness of the face is a sign of shame or anger, and your friend’s tongue being free from lying is a sign of his being truthful. Does a successful person have a mark by which he is known?

The most important sign of a successful person is the regularity of his time. He is like a pendulum, regular in his tasks and performing his duties. One of the grocers says: I used to know that it was two o’clock in the afternoon every time that scholar passed by my shop every day, going to visit the shrine of Imam Ali, peace be upon him!

One of the signs of success is accurate and correct knowledge of how to manage and organize time, and if this sign is lost, the anarchist is rarely successful in his tasks and life.

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