Know a true friend from a fake one
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A true friend: He communicates with you constantly, as the essence of his relationship with you is love and goodness and there are no other motives.

A false friend: He only communicates when he needs you, and the focus of his relationship is interests and benefits, otherwise estrangement is his habit.

A true friend: You do not feel the passage of time with him; He makes sure that you occupy your time with what benefits and benefits you.

A false friend: He wastes your time on things that are of no use and exploits your presence for his personal benefit.

A true friend: He gives sincere advice, supports your ideas, evaluates them honestly, and is interested in making you excel.

A false friend: He only cares about your advice to the extent that it is consistent with his interests, and he refrains from supporting you so that you do not excel and he underestimates the value of your ideas.

A true friend: He is the first face you see during your ordeal, and he does not turn away from you until he feels that you have completely overcome the crisis.

A false friend: He makes excuses and avoids supporting you and consoling you in your distress...

Be careful to find a true friend and beware of being a false friend.

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