be creative
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Think outside of the box and be creative while doing your work, and try to think about all the possibilities or problems that may accure and solve them with creative inventions. be an example to your colegues.

Reality Of Islam

A Mathematical Approach to the Quran

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2:36:46   2023-06-04  

what Allah hates the most

5:1:47   2023-06-01  

allahs fort

11:41:7   2023-05-30  

striving for success

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Imam Ali Describes the Holy Quran

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silence about wisdom

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Importance of Media

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be creative

8:25:12   2022-03-09

a wisdom

8:4:21   2022-01-08

allah timing

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their choice

11:11:59   2023-02-01

true friendship

11:2:27   2022-10-06

be yourself.

8:30:23   2022-03-03

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