Developing an artificial intelligence feature to organize tabs in Google
11:21:39 2023-11-28 242

Google is developing some artificial intelligence features for Chrome, such as how to intelligently arrange tabs, and the company is making great strides to get this feature ready for launch.

Chrome is one of the few places that the company's AI efforts have not reached Bard, although it won't be for a long time.

A new AI Settings section has previously appeared within the browser, which now sees a few key items appearing to prepare the AI tab organization feature for launch.

Some basic elements have been available for a while for the upcoming tab organization feature in Chrome, and it is clear that the developers are preparing to launch them soon.

A Chrome expert named Leopeva64 posted on X a new animation of the feature that goes along with other generative AI options in Google Search.

A new toggle interface appears when you right-click on the hidden AI tab organization option.

The new animation is a big nod to the AI's efforts in organizing tabs.

The AI tab organizing feature is currently still hidden as far as users are concerned. Chrome expert Leopeva64 has not currently obtained any results when working with this feature; It may need to be activated on the server side.

The feature currently displays a warning that something went wrong and indicates that it is currently unavailable.

Google is developing a new advanced settings panel for Chrome, and over the past few weeks Leopeva64 has spotted a total of three new entries.

The menu initially included the option to turn on the Autofill Assistant, although it has since grown to include a set of Context menu tabs and an Expanded theme gallery option.

The Context menu tab group powers the AI tab organization feature, while the Expanded theme gallery option is responsible for adding additional customization to Chrome.

The browser may get AI-generated wallpapers, like Pixel phones via Android 14. The autofill assistant can make it easier to autofill fields correctly.

It appears that Google may not have initially intended the tab organization feature to be a feature of artificial intelligence; If previous versions of the feature under development were working; So it is possible that Google changed its approach to the process to use artificial intelligence.

It is not yet clear if Google may bring a similar feature to Chrome for Android; it may be equally useful.

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