The first steps to successful change
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We must believe in change as a law inherent in our lives, and we must realize an important fact:

If we do not take into account change in our lives, the system and laws of the universe will surround us and sweep us away with their changes through the factor of time and the factor of the increase and diversity of the needs of generations, and the form of change is related to the level of thinking of each individual and society.

The more accurate and deep the level of thinking is, the more productive the change will be, and will take a form consistent with the reality of life and its laws.

This, in turn, leads us to that first step and its role in moving towards change

Was it the result of sound thinking and an accurate diagnosis of the roots of our steps that will represent the starting point, or did we ignore the roots and basics and focus our attention on formalities and appearances? In their expression, the change was not fundamental but rather formal, that is, in appearance only without content. So what are the steps for productive and successful change:

The first: sound thinking and resorting to reason.

Second: Searching for the most complete model.

Third: Removing internal and external obstacles.

Think about anything you want to change and you will find yourself thinking: Why do I want to change it? Does this have any benefit for my afterlife and this world? ...And so you find yourself faced with logical questions searching for a real answer. Then your thinking leads you to: What wonderful image should the person you want to change look like? What shape and model should it have? Then you think about the obstacles and the personal, internal and external obstacles that will prevent you from achieving it. Thus, you will find yourself absorbed in a series of thoughts and questions in which you try not to deviate from the framework of resorting to reason, as it is the pillar and foundation of the beginning of any change, and by losing it, a person loses any possibility of change.


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