Traits of a successful leader
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Are leadership abilities born with a person or acquired through practice?

Can we learn the skills of successful leaders? The American Manger Intelligence Report stated that there are 7 actions that successful leaders undertake, regardless of the institution or issue they lead, which are:

- Giving others a sense of their importance: If your goals and decisions are personal, your followers will quickly lose their enthusiasm. Focus on their abilities and contributions, not your contributions and abilities.

- Create a vision: Those who follow you need a clear idea of the direction you are leading them in and they must understand why the goal you are pursuing is important.

- Treat your followers the way you would like to be treated. This is a golden rule in any field of work.

- Admit mistakes. If others suspect that you are covering up your mistakes, they will do the same and you will lose important information for decision-making.

- Do not criticize others except in private. Public praise encourages others to be specific, but public criticism only leads to war and isolation. Talk to people and visit them in their offices and work sites, ask them and observe how work is going. This experience will expand your awareness and provide opportunities to motivate your subordinates.

- Organize motivation and encouragement competitions to reward distinguished people and share the joy of their success.

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