Developing a smart device to monitor blood pressure
3:51:11 2023-10-01 109

Developing a smart device to monitor blood pressure and send the data to the doctor

Russia has developed a “smart” tonometer watch that measures a person’s pulse, blood pressure and ECG and, if necessary, sends information to a doctor, the press office of the National Technology Initiative reported.

The National Institute of Communications said: “A team of developers from Kazan came up with a tonometer in the form of a smart watch with data analysis by artificial intelligence, and it is planned to introduce such a device into a single ecosystem for remote health monitoring based on the ‘dispensary at home’ model.” It passed. The project is the “Archipelago 2023 Design Acceleration Program and Intensive Education.”

The developers note that the device is personally configured for human tasks through a mobile application linked to the device and takes measurements during the day, ECG, pulse and blood pressure as well as reading the user's activity.

The data obtained is analyzed by artificial intelligence and, if necessary, monitoring information is sent to the doctor to correct the treatment.

Project leader Lenar Garifullin explained: “The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the device is part of a medical ecosystem built around the user. For example, there are Korean watches that also perform electrocardiograms, but their data is not analyzed and does not become part of the user’s medical history.”

Garifullin noted that this tool will become advanced in import, and all data generated during the monitoring will be stored in Russia with the access of doctors.

He explained that the main difference between a tonometer watch and a smart watch is that the latter's data cannot be used for medical purposes, so it is impossible to integrate it into the medical ecosystem.

The project is still in the prototype stage, and the developers plan to launch the first batch of devices in 2024.

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