From adversity to blessing
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One of the salesmen in a commercial warehouse suddenly found himself without work, and because he had little experience in bookkeeping (one of the accounting tasks), he decided to enroll in an accounting program to learn the latest methods of the profession, and he decided to work by himself and not as an employee. He started with a small office and first contracted to work with the commercial warehouse in which he previously worked as an auditor, and from that point he succeeded in contracting with more than a hundred small commercial stores to keep their books and monitor their accounts for a simple monthly fee.

His idea was so practical that he soon found it necessary to have a mobile office in a truck that included modern accounting machines. After a while, the man became the owner of a fleet of mobile offices for bookkeeping and account control with the help of a large staff, providing small stores with accounting service for a small cost instead of assigning an accounting firm or a permanent employee to it. Thus, he turned his ordeal into a blessing.

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