Create a good first impression on others
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You must always remember that the first words you utter or the positions you take at the beginning constitute the basic tone of the situation in an absolute way, and it is very difficult to push someone who had a bad impression of you from the beginning to change his idea of you, and therefore it is necessary to:

1- Starting with a tone based on affection, and accordingly, the meeting will become friendly. Prepare the meeting to be consistent with the nature of the goal.

2- The other party will accept you according to your evaluation of yourself. If you see yourself as a failure, this means that you demand that others consider you a failure and deal with you on this basis.

3- Enable the other party to know that he left a good impression on you.

4- Others judge you through your opinions on all things, such as your work, your organization, and your opinions of your boss and your men, and not only through your opinion of yourself.

5- Be positive and transform the atmosphere of the interview into a positive one so that the impression is positive and do not do the opposite.

6- Do not ask questions that imply that you expect or seek trouble.

7- Be jovial and friendly.

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