dangerous and sensitive Ukrainian request
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A dangerous and sensitive Ukrainian request portends a world war

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported, citing sources, that Kiev has officially asked Berlin to supply it with long-range Taurus cruise missiles capable of hitting Moscow.

The newspaper said in its article: "President Vladimir Zelensky did indeed talk about the issue of his country's delivery of long-range missiles, during a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin in early May. Although the Chancellor's spokesman does not want to comment on the subject, the German Federal Ministry of Defense confirms that Ukraine has already asked to provide it with Taurus missiles.

The newspaper notes that these missiles can be installed on F-16 fighters, which Ukraine is waiting to receive from the West. But since the Taurus missiles are long-range, Berlin must make a very serious and important decision.

The newspaper added: "Not everyone believes that Ukraine will wisely use a weapon like the Taurus. This German winged missile can fly 500 km, which makes it capable of hitting Moscow if it is launched from the Ukrainian border with Russia. Therefore, some fear that in case of necessity Urgent, Kiev may arrange an uncontrolled escalation of the war.

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