Problem of young people
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One of the major problems that young people face on their way towards building personality and acquiring human and moral traits is psychological inclinations and instinctive motives.

The mind and the moral conscience, which are among the wealth of virtue and humanity, call man to praiseworthy qualities and good manners, but the commanding soul and raging instincts call him to injustice, aggression, vice and betrayal.

The temptation of crime:

(As a result of these whispers, a person is impulsive towards satisfying his desires and his sense of need by inflicting injustice and harm on his fellow man, so he exploits his work without compensating him, seizes his money, despises him, and kills him, and this tendency towards hostility and transgression It constitutes the main factor in confusing our relations with others, and as a result of this rivalry, which has always aroused and provokes differences between people, civilization becomes threatened with collapse and disappearance).

It imposes submission to psychological inclinations and instincts without restriction or condition. It forces a person to suppress his human and moral inclinations, and the young man who wants to choose the side of morals and good qualities finds himself drawn to the other side, because the soul runs by nature in the field of disobedience.

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