Social communication characteristics
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Social communication characteristics in order to succeed

1- The individual knows the means of conversation well.

2- The individual should be jovial and enjoy a special smile that reduces the difficulty of the communicative situation.

3- To be characterized by the distinctive characteristics that make others accept him and the subject of communication.

4- The individual must be of high ability and knowledge of how to present himself in an acceptable manner.

5- He should be highly skilled in starting speech, continuing it, and reaching the end in a good manner.

6- To know how to respect the opinions of others, and not be intolerant towards a particular subject or person.

7- To know how to use his voice in a correct, acceptable and convincing manner to others.

In addition to what was mentioned about the psychosocial dimensions, we must mention that the research carried out by Ash and others in this field confirmed the existence of a link between perception and the relationship between the perceived and the existing social structure, and in general, individuals in society tend to agree and accept the judgments of others present In the group without caring about the extent of its validity or not, because the consensus or agreement of the group can be considered a frame of reference for the judgments issued by individuals.


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