Cultivate positive thoughts
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Just as a farmer stocks up on food for the dry season, you better stock up on positive, optimistic thoughts so that you have a source to turn to when faced with a negative situation. Positive thoughts, such as a bountiful harvest, are much easier to stock up on in good times. Do these exercises and start stockpiling your positive feelings. Think of as many positive things as possible in:

● your past

● your present

● your future

● yourself

● your world

● Other people in your life

Now think about:

● What you can do (rather than what is hard for you to do).

● What you can control (rather than what you can't control).

● Available capabilities rather than limits and obstacles.

Keep this list handy as a tool to combat negativity whenever it gets in your way, and replenish and expand this list as often as you can.

Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, stop and ask yourself: Is this thought working?

We like to think of ourselves as people with purpose and in charge of our thoughts and ourselves, but most of our thoughts are actually pretty random and arbitrary. Even when we focus, our minds get distracted. Sometimes we think of pleasant experiences: like thinking of our kids or some fun activity we plan to do for the weekend. But our thoughts often automatically skew to the opposite direction, and we find ourselves worrying or tense about things we did or didn't do, remembering a hurtful comment from a friend, a hitch at work, or even worrying about an unbalanced driver in front of us.

It's okay to deal with a negative thought, and constructive critical thinking is absolutely necessary in order to solve certain kind of problems, but when we always focus on what's negative rather than what's positive in our lives, we smash our chances of happiness.

It will take some discipline and methodology in the beginning to find the most useful and positive alternatives and ideas to deal with the inconveniences and problems of daily life, but it will be worth it. Even if you can't avoid negativity—the problem may be too big or intractable—you'll learn to appreciate the benefits of reflecting on how you think and react, as opposed to following your instinct and giving in to it all the time.

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