ramadan between the two holly shrines
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     The area between the Two Holy Mosques is witnessing an atmosphere of faith through the nights of the blessed month of Ramadan, amid complete alertness of the holy shrines, as the staffs of the holy Husseini and Abbasid shrines work to provide means of comfort to facilitate worship ceremonies, and to hold Quranic forums, religious lectures, and other various activities.

     Sheikh Majeed Al-Taie, in charge of the Center for Religious Sciences at the Holy Hussain Shrine, said: "The holy shrines, every year, mobilize their efforts to provide various services, from providing free meals, rest stations, and opening large spaces to accommodate the largest possible number of arrivals."

     Al-Taei added, "The security authorities at the holy shrines also mobilized their efforts to facilitate the entry and exit process, despite the huge numerical momentum witnessed by the city of Karbala, during the nights of the holy month."

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