practice the kaizen strategy for happiness
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     I recently learned the meaning of that Japanese term called "Kaizen". This word refers to a Japanese strategy aimed at continuous development that can be applied in the workplace by both management and employees. The main principle of this strategy is efficiency and the elimination of unproductivity.

     It occurred to me at once that such a philosophy might be appropriate for individuals who are trying to achieve self-development and who are trying to enjoy a better and happier life. Thus, I applied the concept of kaizen to happiness, and the result was a realistic strategy, one that belongs to positive psychology and aims to achieve incremental daily improvement through individuals and the special people in their lives.

     And how much I like the idea that says - you don't have to change everything at once, and you don't have to achieve all your goals in the moment: you can instead take small steps every day and these steps will accumulate day by day and lead you to tangible positive change. And you can apply this slogan to your ideas as a start; You have to work on eliminating one type of negative thoughts that poison your thoughts. For example, you can ignore or resist the idea that I'm not good enough whenever it comes to your mind. You can also deliberately try to bring positive thoughts into your daily routine. For example, you can start your workday by visualizing yourself successfully handling a workload, and breaking down the day into small groups of tasks.

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