Six recommendations for balance within the family
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Islam built the family system on solid foundations that are consistent with the necessities of life. It also sought to direct and secure needs based on human standards and values, and made family members committed to each other in relationships governed by love, compassion, and altruism So that love, harmony, and affection may appear in the building of the family unit. Then there will be a committed and believing generation.

Family balance depends on the balance of roles and the balance of ways to achieve goals and dreams. These are six recommendations that, by observing them, balance and harmony will prevail in the Muslim family in their dealings and relationships:

First: The spouses must base their lives on the love of goodness and mutual righteousness between them and their children, in addition to their respect for them, their interest in and concern for the future of the family members, and avoiding creating problems for themselves and their children.

Second: In order to build the family institution in a sound and successful manner, awareness and maturity must prevail, and everyone must be patient and tolerant, and not explode and bully.

Third: In order to preserve family equality and balance, we must focus on faith, moral manifestations, and good qualities such as prayer, piety, honesty, and not being envious or unfaithful.

Fourth: Respecting the internal regulations in terms of time; each individual has his own characteristics and tasks that suit his personal schedule, and personal possessions are respected. What is in the parents’ safe should not be breached, and what is in the phone of mature children should not be spied on, regardless of the justifications, except in special cases.

Fifth: Equality and fairness on the part of parents towards their children in everything with attention, love, follow-up and support, whether in material and expenses, for example, or in morale and managing feelings.

Sixth: Continuous communication between family members and strengthening the means and ties of communication, whatever the means, such as meeting on holiday nights or days, or celebrating family-friendly occasions such as birthdays, religious and spiritual occasions, and others.

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