How to Raise Confident Kids
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Children—and especially adolescents—can struggle with insecurity and self-doubt as they navigate academics, friendships, and romantic relationships. But parents can play a part in providing their children with the tools they need to develop self-confidence.

How do you raise confident children?

Although parents may understandably be tempted to help children solve every challenge that comes their way, stepping back and letting kids solve problems on their own can hone executive function skills, teach motivation, and help instill a strong sense of self-agency and confidence.

 How do you raise a confident teenager?

To instill self-confidence, parents can support adolescents’ goals, treat mistakes as learning experiences and failure as evidence of trying, encourage practice and persistence, and avoid unloading their worries onto their children. These and other responses can help teens believe in themselves.

How do you raise a confident daughter?

Acknowledge, reflect on, and trust your daughter’s feelings. By empathizing with her emotions and trusting them, she will learn to do the same. If she trusts how she feels, she will trust who she is. This will ideally allow her to verbalize how she feels and work through challenges, rather than acting out.

How do you raise a confident son?

Societal stereotypes still dictate that boys be tough, strong, and stoic. But denying emotion and vulnerability can be harmful. Validating boys’ feelings, teaching them to channel anger into healthy outlets, and encouraging them to ask for help when necessary can set boys up to be confident and successful. 


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