Moving on from a Friendship
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1- Create distance. This is a big step, but if someone is affecting your life negatively, limiting the time you spend together might be the best thing for both of you.

  • If talking to your friend doesn't work or they don't want to see you, not being around them will be a natural result.
  • If you decide that you don't want to spend time with a former friend, you may have to turn down their invitations and explain why you are doing so.


2- Plan ways to deal with a former friend in the future. If you have mutual friends, you will likely see this person again.

  • If you see a former friend in public, be polite but don't pursue a one-on-one relationship with them if you don't think it is a good idea.


3- Strengthen your other friendships. Moving on from a friendship can be difficult, so it is important to cultivate other, more positive relationships.

  • Spend time with your current friends who share your interests. Try doing activities that you enjoy with a new group of people.
  • Find ways to meet new people. You might take a class in a subject that interests you, take up a new hobby or sport, or spend time with friends of friends who share your interests.

4- Avoid dwelling on the loss. If you have lost a friendship that was very dear to you, it can be hard moving on. While you can grieve at first, try not to obsess or worry about the lost friendship. Understand that it is natural for friends to grow apart. You are still worthy of having friends.

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