What should a kindergarten teacher know?
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In order for a kindergarten teacher to be successful and perform her tasks correctly, she needs many knowledge and skills necessary to plan and carry out her work, so what does she need to know?

Knowing teaching methods and drawing phased plans is the most important piece of information that a student must master, through:

First: How to determine the objectives of each activity in cooperation with the institution’s staff.

Second: How to choose work methods in line with the established curriculum?

Third: How to direct children’s activities and give them opportunities to participate correctly.

There are many roles that the teacher must play in our society and in the field of kindergarten, including:

- Meeting with mothers to guide them.

- Holding cultural seminars on addressing the problems facing kindergartens and families in education.

- Monitoring children’s behavior, health conditions, and mental levels.

It is known that the teacher does not achieve educational and pedagogical goals alone. Rather, the teacher’s efforts must be integrated with the efforts of their colleagues and the efforts of the administration and parents in the field of various activities in order to achieve the general goals of kindergartens and the goals specific to raising spiritual orientation for the little ones.

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