Evaluating Yourself
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1- Write down five personalities traits about yourself. Think about at least five or more personality traits that you have. Write them down, and take a few sentences to describe why you think this personality trait applies to you.

  • Make sure at least one of them is a positive, good personality trait that you see in yourself.
  • Also, list one personality trait that is negative or bothering you in some way.
  • Don't use your physical appearance as a way to describe yourself. Focus only on your personality.

2- Evaluate the positive and negative. When you wrote down these personality traits, did you seem to focus on mostly positive or mostly negative traits? For example, did you have four negative traits, and only one good one?

  • Understand if you are only seeing the negative in yourself. You may feel like you're not worthy or don't believe in yourself. Find ways to boost your self-esteem.
  • If you only mentioned one negative trait, you may have greater confidence in yourself, but lack insight into what needs improvement. Consider evaluating your limits in a healthy way and finding more humility.

3- Identify activities you enjoy. If you are not sure about how to develop your personality, think about what makes you happy. What activities do you enjoy? Do you like to spend time with others, or do more things on your own? Do you like fixing or creating things? Are you more artistic or science-oriented?

  • There are not right or wrong answers about which activities make you a happier or more personable person. This is just a way to figure out the context of what makes you happy.
  • Some people enjoy activities by themselves or with a few people more than others. Some people love to be at gatherings with lots of people.
  • No matter the activity, it's important to learn how to interact with and respect others. Good communication skills with others helps to show the best parts of your personality.


4- Assess what you want to improve. Think about what is bothering you in particular about your personality. What do you want to see differently in yourself? By having greater insight, this is an important step to changing. Think about how you could improve in the following areas:

  • Your anxiety, anger, or temper
  • Your shyness, fearfulness, or awkwardness
  • Your loneliness, sadness, or depression
  • Your stubbornness, irritability, or frustration
  • Your lack of trust
  • Your arrogance


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