Conditions for career success
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The job is one of the most important forms of work that many people practice, whether in government departments, public companies, or private institutions. There are some conditions that must be met for career success, which are:

First: Make sure that you are compatible with the job you are practicing. Because unless there is harmony and desire to work, a person will not be able to give and create, and thus career success will not be achieved.

Second: The skills required for the workflow must be available at a minimum. Because every job has its own characteristics that the person doing this job is obligated to become familiar with, firstly in its theoretical aspects and secondly through training and practice.

Third: Benefit from the experiences of those who are more senior than you at work, even if they are less educated than you and have less certification, as practical experience is of utmost importance at work.

Fourth: Consult your boss about the problems you encounter, show him your progress at work, listen carefully to his directions, and listen to his opinion.

Fifth: Have regular meetings with those working with you, including your subordinates and co-workers. To study work affairs, learn about the problems they have, and cooperate with them in solving these problems, and provide them with encouragement, constructive ideas and opinions, and help them adopt them.

Sixth: Distribute your work day among the tasks that need to be accomplished, and let this distribution always be consistent. So that others who deal with you can benefit from it. For example, your working day can be divided between the following matters:

- Time to review and study transactions and reports.

- Meeting auditors from outside the administration if there is such a thing in your work.

- The date of meetings with your employees or those working with you, or receiving them, or meeting your superiors at work, and then finally making field visits and tours, if the work calls for such.

Seventh: Accuracy in work, attention to its details, and following up is the trinity of mastery of job, that is, without neglecting any of it or exaggerating it.

Eighth: Be a role model for others who work with you in terms of integrity, honesty, fairness, adherence to official working hours, implementation of the organization’s regulations and systems, positive interaction with it, and submitting constructive suggestions about it.

Ninth: Think of your work as a source of livelihood for you and your family, and do everything in your power to make your work successful and progress for the better, and be careful not to waste time.

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