A teenage girl between adulthood and rebellion
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The teenage girl has a special world that is not similar to the male world, and educators and parents must take this into consideration.

When we consider the conditions of teenage girls, we find that most of them appear to be several contradictory situations:

  • Objection and disobedience to orders and prohibitions, and resistance in this area appears through discussion and controversy, or stubbornness, anger, or ignorance.
  • Sometimes we see them being easily affected and their nerves breaking down at the slightest provocation or issue that conflicts with their desires and inclinations.
  • Some of them show resentment toward those around them, such as friends, brothers, and sometimes even parents, thinking that they intend to annoy them and make them angry.

Girls' sensitivity to feelings sometimes reaches such a degree that they interpret every movement or behavior towards them as aiming to annoy them or mock them.

If they lose a loved one or are kept away from performing a role they love at home or school, their conditions change quickly and they start crying and complaining, or some of them have a seizure that leads to harming themselves.

These aspects may seem negative to parents, but it cannot be certain that they are so. It may stem from the girl’s tendency to give an image of her maturity and adulthood in expressing her realistic personality, and then it is an indicator of the independence towards which the personality of adolescents in general is moving.

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