Decide to be innovative or creative
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Innovation is the reason for scientific progress in all eras, and it is what has brought about tremendous changes in human civilization in the various economic, electronic and technological fields of life, which have pushed societies towards development and growth.

For example; the means of transportation were primitive: horses and camels were used, then carts were invented, then cars and planes. We do not know, perhaps the means of transportation will develop technologically through very rapid technology... perhaps through the time machine!!?

What does innovative thinking mean?

It is a type of active and creative thinking in which the individual explores new fields and ideas to produce new things and systems for his society and himself. It also means providing amazing solutions to obstacles and crises in the fields of work and study, and these solutions are surprising and arouse interest fragile; because it goes against the trend, as it is rarely noticed. It contributes to developing or treating a specific problem, saving less effort and time!

An innovator is considered a person who produces new things that may be difficult for others to discover.

There are also those who differentiate between creativity and innovation:

When innovation occurs in the artistic, intellectual, literary and linguistic fields, it is called creativity. It is said: a creative poet, for example.

When the innovation is in the scientific, material, and technological fields, it is called an invention. It is said: the inventor of the mobile phone, for example.

After all of this, what is important is:

Decide to be creative or innovative to benefit humanity and have your name will be immortalized among the righteous and reformers.

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