Seven good qualities in brotherhood
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Living this life is not good without the presence of a friend who is like a brother, whose presence by your side gives you a positive feeling.

In your distress, you will find him taking the initiative to console you, and in your joys, he is present to support you and he does not skimp on you with his material and moral support.

Seven characteristics that we have chosen for you from among the sayings attributed to Imam Ali - peace be upon him - about the best of the brothers.

It is possible that you can use these as criteria to distinguish the friend whom you would like to consider as a brother to yourself.

You can also consider them as controls for monitoring and discovering the good qualities in a typical friend so that you can take him as a brother and support in your life.

These seven qualities are: -

1-The best brothers are the ones who do not give fake advice.

2-The best of brothers is the one whose affection for Allah is present.

3-The best brothers are those who do not have a worldly relationship.

4-The best brothers are those who, if you lose them, you do not want to remain after them.

5-The best of the brothers are those who help in the deeds of the afterlife.

6-The best of brothers is the one who does not investigate his brothers.

7-The best of brothers is the one whose brothers need no one but him.

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