The need to realize the value of your personality
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One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to realize your self-worth, and to feel the importance of your personality. There is no one exactly like you, and no one can be in your place, and the beautiful feelings you give to others in your relationship are of great importance and cannot be ignored...

The necessity for a person to know himself makes him recognize his interests in order to work on developing them, so he can identify his hobbies, determine the direction of his feelings and inclinations, and identify the things that arouse his curiosity, interests, fears, and anxiety.

Perhaps one of the most certain benefits of realizing the value of personality is identifying the positives and negatives that it entails and what is the way to develop it and treat the defects that it contains. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: “The knowledgeable person is he who knows himself, and frees it from everything that alienates it “And whoever knows himself.” He strives for it, and he who is ignorant of himself neglects it.”

A person’s self-respect and acceptance of him as he is requires people to respect and appreciate him. Every person has his own characteristics that distinguish him from others, and there is no perfect person in this life. Therefore, a person’s acceptance of himself means that he is reconciled with himself and content with what Allah has given him; so be yourself!

Knowing your worth requires you to appreciate it by focusing on the positive qualities you have acquired and the strengths you possess. It also requires you to avoid negative qualities that arouse in you a feeling of inferiority, which affects your self-confidence. It is important that you do not allow anyone to criticize you in ways that frustrates and discourages you.

One of the fruits of knowing your self-worth is that it makes you a successful partner, as you know what is yours and what is against you. This also leads you to evaluate your partner and exchange feelings of respect, and each of you feels safe and confident in giving and exchanging benefits. Then the relationship will be strong and very beneficial, when each of you feels not exploited and ignored.

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