Feelings of anxiety among spouses
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There are many people who carry a feeling of dissatisfaction regarding their marital relationship, and at the top of the list of statements they say are “I wish things were not the way they are,” or that our relationship is “at the hands of a demon,”

It is assumed that both spouses are fully convinced of their relationship because, in most cases, they were married by mutual consent and desire.

The anxiety that a spouse feels about their partner because of puzzling behavior, such as searching for small things in order to make them a justification for directing harsh criticism and harsh blame, thus exposing the purity of the relationship to something that disturbs it and takes away the atmosphere of peace from it.

Some spouses - men or women - do not pay attention to the consequences of such behavior, which puts them one step closer to destroying the edifice of the marital relationship.

The partner's behavior makes his partner constantly worried about what he wants to say or what he does that might be wrong. Any behavior on his part may be interpreted as intentional, even forgetting to put sugar in the tea, for example, or whatever it is that may lead to irritating the partner's nerves.

These fears and anxieties may sometimes push him to fall into an atmosphere of emotional divorce, where it is on the part of both spouses or on the part of only one of them for some reason, and he feels that his emotions towards the other party have died intentionally or that they may go into a gradual slumber unintentionally.

This is why some husbands may resort to searching for secrets in order to make them an excuse to justify their fears and anxieties as supporting evidence against their partner. A social researcher has indicated that there should be no secrets between spouses, pointing out that secrets differ from privacy in terms of their impact on the marital relationship!

The wife may fall victim to obsessions when she finds some wrinkles on her face or gray hair in her hair for fear that this will be a reason for the cooling of the relationship on the part of her husband. These fears end when the relationship is based on trust and built on spiritual affection, not just formality.

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