The Role which the ideology played in building man on the Moral Level
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The Islamic ideology played a creative role in building the moralities of the Moslem individual; it founded those moralities on religious bases which involves good and bad reward they are not mere moral recommendations free from responsibility, on the contrary with positive laws which abolished from the individual’s soul the feeling of Allah’s observation and so they invalidated the foundation of morals, since morals lose the guarantees of perseverance without faith.

It is known that the ideology followed several manners to urge individuals to be adorned with good morals and avoid bad morals, some of them are: Showing the affects of good and bad morals in this world and the other world.

It also followed the manner of introducing the “good example” in order to connect the individuals with the examples of the ideology and its leaders in order to be influenced with their good morals and imitate them in their life history.

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