Reflecting on Your Personality
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1- Identify your morals. Everyone has an inherent sense of what they know is right and wrong. Many call this their “inner voice” or conscience. When you understand your moral codes, you may feel good and pleased. When you don't listen, your "inner voice" may make you feel guilty, uncomfortable, or anxious.

  • Identify and be aware when these moral dilemmas occur. Listen to your conscience as it guides you.
  • Your morals will help guide you in knowing the self. It may allow you to recognize the things that are bad for you, as well as those things that bring you hope.
  • As you live by your morals, remember that good does exist. It can win out when you put your morality into action.

2- Recognize your values. Values are the big ideas that shape your decisions. These ideas are broad goals like having financial security, being close to family, or staying healthy. When you can acknowledge your values, you can set goals that are in alignment with your personality. This will increase the likelihood that you meet your goals and lead a happy life.

  • For example, if you value financial security, you could set the goal of having six months worth of salary in an emergency savings account. While this is hard to accomplish, if you are being true to your values, you have greater chance of succeeding.

3- Know what you are passionate about. While your values are the motivation behind your goals, your passions can provide the focus needed to reach them. You will know you are passionate about something if it holds your interest for extended periods of time. If you build a career (or even a hobby) around these passions, you will remain happier and more fulfilled than if you neglect them.

  • For example, if your passion is art, you will be much happier in a career that focuses on art instead of a career in banking. Even if you are not an artist, you could do things like curate art, teach art, or write about art.

4- Understand your social needs. While all people need some general things like friends and a support structure, the degree to which one person needs them may vary. This is where the words introvert and extrovert come into play. Take notice of how you recharge yourself after a hard week. Do you go out with friends, or do you need some time alone? Understanding these needs will allow you to keep yourself balanced and happy as you march through your day to day life.

  • Extroverts enjoy being around people and being spontaneous.
  • Introverts enjoy time alone and planning their days carefully.


5- Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. No one is great at everything, and that's okay. Recognize the things that other people acknowledge you for doing well, and the things they don't. Also, pay attention to when you feel like you are succeeding in a task, and when you are struggling. This will start building your awareness of your own particular talents and abilities. When you know what these are, you can use that knowledge to improve your weaknesses or play to your strengths.

  • Your strengths might include abilities like “focus,” “math skills,” “creativity,” and “understanding people.”
  • It's okay if it takes some time to figure these out—be open and curious, and keep in mind that this is a path that can take some time.


6- Get feedback. Ask your close friends and family how they see your personality. Compare what they say to how you feel about your personality. If they match, then it is likely that you display these traits consistently.

  • If several people close to you have very different views on your personality, you should examine your beliefs about yourself.


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