Building Confidence in Your Authoritative Self
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1- Embrace the power of self-confidence. All your efforts to appear more authoritative will likely fall short if you lack essential self-confidence. You have to believe you can wield authority, and deserve to have it, in order to express and use it effectively. While it is true that some people are naturally more confident than others, self-confidence is also a perspective that can be nurtured and developed.

  •  How to Build self confidence offers an extensive list of ideas for becoming a more confident person. Its major subjects include:
    • Establishing a positive attitude.
    • Dealing with your emotions effectively.
    • Taking care of yourself — mind, body, and spirit.
    • Setting your goals.
    • Getting help when you need it.


2- Focus on your positives. People with low self-confidence tend to compare themselves to unrealistic idealizations of others, and thereby find themselves always coming up short. Instead of holding yourself to impossible standards and focusing on your failures, work on training yourself to emphasize your successes. Focus on why you deserve to have authority.

  • Keep an updated list of personal accomplishments and positive attributes if that helps. Take note of compliments and positive feedback from others (and take them seriously). Surround yourself with positive reinforcement.


3- Look the part. Looking authoritative and looking confident have many similarities, but you can’t really master the former without first nailing the latter. It may seem naive to think that looking confident can make you feel more confident, and yet it is true for many people.

  • Practice good posture. Take your personal grooming and dressing routines seriously. Look in the mirror and see a confident person staring back at you.


4- Face your fears. People who lack confidence avoid or run away from their fears; they try not to depart their comfort zones. Self-confident people learn to swim by jumping in the water, or deal with a fear of heights by skydiving. Get out of your comfort zone, and when you achieve success doing so, use it as evidence in your confidence-building process.

  • Identify your goals, and establish a way to address them head-on. If you are afraid to speak up at meetings, draw up a list of potential questions or comments beforehand, and make yourself use at least one of them.


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