Be among those whom Allah looks to
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Research by Islamic psychologists indicates that motives that are pure from selfish interests and are accustomed to sincerity are the best motives for good deeds, especially if that is coupled with qualitative good deeds, not their quantity or frequency...

Abundance is not the criterion in the divine scale, but rather pure, precise, and correct work.

The believer searches for those good deeds that make him closer to Allah Almighty, even if they are few, so that he may win Allah’s gaze and kindness and receive His special care, so that kindness and blessings may be showered upon him.

Among these works is the relief of distress and the removal of anxiety and grief from hearts that are squeezed by the vortexes of life such as poverty, crises, disasters, and social problems...

This is what our Imam Al-Sadiq - peace be upon him - guides us to when he says:

“There are four that Allah Almighty will look at on the Day of Resurrection: whoever relieves a regretful person, helps a distressed person, frees a person, or helps a single person to get married.”

If someone regrets his deal after the buying and selling process, and wants to get his money or goods back, it is desirable to let him. Taking the initiative to do this good deed is considered one of the best acts of obedience and closeness to Allah Almighty because it is a specific good deed.

And the anxious person who falls into severe distress or difficulty regarding something, such as a social problem, or an illness that he does not find enough to treat, so he looks to someone who will help him and extend a helping hand to him. The believer’s initiative to help him is considered in the divine scale to be one of the distinguished qualitative actions for which the believer deserves special dignity.

As for freeing slaves, it was a qualitative and righteous deed for which believers competed in previous times, and perhaps in our time it can be similar - with the difference - to the employee who works as an employee in homes or stores and shops. He should be helped, for example, in establishing his own project so that he can work separately from others. He owns a job independent of the authority of any party. So that extending a helping hand to him is a qualitative act, and the insured person deserves a great reward.

As for helping single people to get married and striving to build a marital home for those who are not able to do so, is one of the deeds that Allah Almighty loves and places the believer within the circle of the Creator’s sight and care. Because it entails protecting young men and women from deviance, contributing to the expansion of humanity and supporting the building of the marital nest, and this is what Allah Almighty loves and rewards its doer with a great reward...

So, O believer, take advantage of these specific methods of good deeds as long as you are in the house of testing, for after death your striving ceases and you become a hostage of your work.

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