Do you know why we do not continue our way to the pinnacle of success?
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After thinking, Asmaa decided that she needed to lose weight, as beauty lies in fitness, and health lies in organized nutrition, so she developed a nutrition and exercise program for herself, which she benefited from one of the doctors and specialists, and she decided to follow it.

After starting to implement it, Asmaa began monitoring her weight on the scale after each exercise, and looked at herself in the mirror expecting her weight to decrease and become as fit as her friend Souad!

Whenever she thinks about her friend, she feels that she will never reach her graceful figure, and this makes her feel inadequate.

Indeed, frustration took hold of her; because she is a girl who is disappointed in achieving her dream and achieving her goal of losing weight!

Asmaa left the nutritional and sports program; because she imagines that as soon as she exercises and adheres to the diet program, she will lose weight and become an ideal and standard weight, and this is not possible!

Asmaa fell victim to what blocks the path to change and success: which are haste and (comparison)

She felt inadequate and weak in the face of Souad’s capabilities and graceful figure, which made her frustrated and broken.

So haste and comparison are two reasons to make you frustrated and psychologically broken

So what should you do so that you do not fall prey to these two blockers of the path to the pinnacle of success?


 First: Before starting to implement the program, gather your resolve through intellectual and psychological preparation, such as familiarizing yourself with the details of the program and the means and tools it requires. So that the work map becomes clear in front of you.

Second: Motivate yourself and charge it with positive energy by imagining the benefits and fruits of achieving success and achieving goals.

Finally, beware of rushing to conclusions and comparing yourself to those who came before you in this field.

And continue walking, step by step, step by step, with your eye on your goal, and as it was said, start with your eye on the goal.

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