Three tips, if you neglect them, your son will fail in his studies!
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We posed a question to a group of professors and teachers, which is: What advice do you give to the student’s guardian that you hope he will adhere to, and that you consider to be a fundamental and pivotal point in his academic success and good conduct and behavior?

The honorable professors responded, through their experience in education, with a point that they considered essential and fundamental to the point that they agreed on the necessity of:

The first advice: (continuous follow-up) on the student at home and school in terms of:

1- Daily preparation for lessons and exams.

2- To encourage him to rely on himself in preparing his lessons and provide him with assistance if he needs it.

3-Communicate with the teaching staff at the school, listen to the educational advisor, and take his recommendations.

The second advice: It is to control the student’s behavior, improve his morals, refine his tongue, and discipline him to respect and honor his teacher and his colleagues.

And the last piece of advice: It is necessary to protect them from the hidden educator who works to corrupt them and confuse their minds (TV, mobile phone, electronic games)...

If parents and students adhere to these tips, they will fulfill their responsibility...

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