Real failure
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Do you know what real failure is?

True failure has three dimensions

The first: restricting thinking by locking the heart, which are feelings of frustration, despair, fear, anxiety, and memories of the past.

The second: inactivity, by giving up trying and ceasing to create opportunities.

Third: What people say: by making their opinions a focus in evaluating your behavior and personality.

True failure is the coming together of these three dimensions in the face of the individual and being burned by all of them!

But what if the individual encounters one or two dimensions of it?

Here it cannot be considered a real failure

Rather, he is facing a passing crisis and he can emerge from it and then continue on his path towards his goals and dreams.

Some people imagine that simply feeling frustrated or missing a certain opportunity means that they have become a failure - this perception is wrong and cannot be maintained.

Likewise, there is no person whose positive energy is continuous, but rather it fluctuates between highs and lows

Feeling frustrated is a natural thing due to psychological or external reasons, such as our exposure to criticism from others, for example. It can be overcome through certain techniques and soothing oneself with positive thoughts.

You can also work on seeking opportunities and increasing them by acquiring new skills, self-development, and obtaining professional privileges that support your specialty.

When you feel a sense of failure, do not rely on this feeling and give up. Rather, you must study the situation and determine your position from these three dimensions.

Are you in the center of it? God forbid.

Or did one dimension interfere with your thinking? Then you have to decide what to do about it...

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