The golden opportunity of a lifetime
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Youth is considered an irreplaceable golden period. For various human activities, such as learning, acquiring skills, and entering into many social and cultural fields. However, many young people waste this period without proper investment. Rather, they fall victim to the obstacles of this stage, the most severe of which are laziness and lethargy.

The focus of the lazy young man's interest is to fulfill his whims with pleasure and enjoyment only.

He lags behind striving to build and develop himself

He evades responsibilities, and becomes bored with any advice given to him and considers it an insult targeting the independence of his personality.

Dear young man: Sleeping, watching TV, playing electronic games, sitting with friends, and relaxing... are things that are required, but within limits that suit your daily schedule of tasks, and that do not intersect with your responsibilities.

And beware of the wrong idea: that you will seek to build and develop yourself after the stage of youth. This idea is a pure illusion, and you can ask any person who has passed the stage of youth about his feelings? You will find that most of them feel remorse for missing the golden opportunity of their lives if they did not invest it properly.

As a person grows older, his mood and powers will begin to weaken, and thus he will not find that enthusiasm that accompanied him in his youth, and then he will not be able to acquire skills in a more energetic and energetic way.

Therefore, it is stated in the narrations:

Take advantage of five things:

Your youth: before your old age.

And your health before your illness.

And your wealth came before poverty.

And your free time before your busy time.

And your life before your death.

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family, spoke the truth

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