How do you receive news from the media?
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The media is a directive means that targets the public’s convictions

Therefore, the media is considered an influential authority

It controls much of the course of events

And reverse public trends and opinions

Therefore, be careful not to immediately believe what is broadcast by various media outlets.

Through multiple communication channels such as satellite channels, radio, websites...

Not everything is announced, broadcast or published is the truth itself. The truth often changes its form

With the change in journalistic tools and means, through which it is expressed in methods and intellectual backgrounds, and then conveyed to the masses and followers.

The truth - passes through the photographer’s lens and according to his angle

It passes through to the writer’s pen, his level of understanding, and the limits of his thinking

It is placed on the discussion table among the media staff

Cutting, abbreviation, and additions are made as necessary and for technical, personal, and other reasons.

After that, the news truth is announced...of which only what remains is consistent with the orientation and mood of that journalistic entity that is marketing and promoting it.

Is it then reasonable for us to be certain of the authenticity, completeness of the news or what the media outlets promote?

Or do we try to scrutinize and search for the credibility of what was announce?

In order to complete the picture of the truth

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