How do you face embarrassing situations?
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Embarrassing situations are naturally expected occurrences, and their interpretation angles differ from one person to another and from one society to another. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare ourselves not to be surprised by them and to prepare psychologically for them.

We have the decency to act during the shock phase of any embarrassing situation, and in order to have clear steps, there are basic points that, if taken into account, can help us avoid embarrassing situations with safety, calm, and wise behavior: Among these basic points are:

Learn about the standards and norms in society

Every society has standards for evaluating people and behavior, and they are considered a control for praising or criticizing a person for them. By knowing these standards, the individual will be able to find a way out of embarrassment and the shock will be lessened for him when he brings the appropriate balance to the situation.

There are: congenital formative standards and customary standards emerging from social customs and traditions.

Or based on the law of the state or the teachings and provisions of divine laws...,

For example: Ahmed feels embarrassed because he is short in stature, but if Ahmed had invoked the formative and moral balance, he would have found that this feeling is worthless because it was not the reason for his short stature, but rather Allah Almighty created him that way.

Sarmad, who lives in the city, visited his friend Saeed, who lives in the countryside. When Sarmad entered the host, Saeed’s uncles and cousins welcomed him standing and welcoming him. Sarmad felt ashamed, so he greeted and took the initiative to sit down without shaking their hands, as is their custom in receiving guests. Everyone looked at him with astonishment!

Here, if Sarmad had been familiar with the standards and customs of the clans and the countryside, he would have been able not to fall into such a situation, but Sarmad, a smart boy, inquired about the matter from his friend Saeed, so he stood in front of everyone and apologized for not knowing these customs. So Saeed’s cousins did nothing but welcome him and accept his justification.

So, by knowing society’s standards, we can avoid the situation from occurring or address it through apology or justification.

You don't have to convince everyone with your justifications

It is not necessary to obtain the conviction of others with the justification you provide. Allow each person his freedom to express his reaction to the situation, for every vessel exudes what is in it. All you have to do is be confident of yourself and frank in your justifications.

    Be serious and firm in deterring sarcastic people

There are some people around us who are acquaintances and friends who have a sense of humor, but they do not go beyond the limits of respect in their good humor. However, there are some who like to mess with feelings and make fun of others for the purpose of laughing and justify their sarcasm by joking in a way that exceeds the limits of respect. We must respond to it with strength and firmness and do not allow such people to mock us.

Start to apologize with a smile on your face

In embarrassing situations, our reaction should be mixed with verbal and physical expressions, as body language may convey messages to others, as in speech. The phrase (excuse me) mixed with the cheerfulness of your face has an impact in conveying your position to others, making them appreciate your circumstance and your embarrassing position, and bowing your head in front of others in a pleasant way indicates your respect for them and that what you did was not the result of bad intentions, and silence is sometimes considered an effective answer and message in many situations.

 Determine your situation and make a quick decision

When you find yourself in an embarrassing situation with someone, such as accidentally damaging his phone or losing something you borrowed from your friend, express your apology and that you did not do so intentionally, and express your position that you will be responsible for compensating the other party, using your tact in speaking with a broad smile as a message to the other person that you appreciate them.

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