Parents must take into consideration the psychological needs of the child
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Children and young people have different psychological needs, including self-assurance, freedom from fear and disorder, the need to obtain an appropriate economic and social status, the need for victory and success, the need for a good reputation and high status, the need for acceptance from others and a sense of importance in society, and the need for safety. Body and soul, all of these become common needs for everyone, and of course children also have such needs, so planning must be made within the family in order to provide them for them.

In addition, the physical and psychological conditions of young people’s ages create different needs for them that parents must take into consideration. Among these needs are the following:

1- Identifying and acquiring talents among others.

2- Knowing personal values.

3- Moving towards individual and economic independence.

4- Learning about religion, history, culture and national values.

5- Obtaining virtuous morals, worship and supplication to God Almighty.

6- Expanding relationships, social ties, and social experiences, how to coexist with others, how to get and keep friends, and assume responsibility and play a role in society.

7- Study, read, gain knowledge, acquire scientific information, learn about the world of knowledge and art, and learn about the wonders of nature, arts, and literature.

8- How to deal with others and perform an economic role.

Not all of these are the psychological needs of children, but rather they are the basic and important points of them. Parents must work constantly and with all precision and attention in order to provide the healthy needs of their children according to priority, and they must guide the children and raise them in the correct manner, so that these needs do not deviate and generate psychological, spiritual and moral problems in them. .

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