What is the role of plants in saving the planet Earth?
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Australian scientists have revealed the role that plants can play in saving the Earth from climate change disasters, due to their great ability to absorb more carbon dioxide resulting from human activities.

The journal Science Advances indicates that researchers have discovered that the approved climate model, which is used to predict the effects of global warming, predicts an increase in the uptake of carbon dioxide by plants by the end of the twenty-first century, if some features of the photosynthesis process are taken into account. Such as the efficiency of carbon dioxide moving within the leaf, and how plants adapt to changes in temperature and distribution of nutrients.

Carbon fixation through photosynthesis is a natural mechanism to mitigate climate change. It has been reported that carbon absorption has increased due to the rise in carbon dioxide concentration over the past decades. But it was not clear how plants would respond to carbon dioxide, temperature and precipitation levels that would be different from what we observe today. Scientists believe that extreme droughts and heat can severely weaken the absorption capacity of terrestrial ecosystems.

The researchers studied different climate models. It turned out that the simpler model ignored three important physiological mechanisms associated with the photosynthesis process, while the more complex model took all three mechanisms into account. It turns out that it predicts a significant increase in carbon uptake by plants around the world. The three mechanisms reinforce each other, beyond the simple sum of the effects considered individually.

The researchers point out that planting trees alone will not solve all the problems associated with the high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so its emissions resulting from human activity must be reduced.

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