The Quran on the cerebrum
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Allah said in the Quran about one of the evil unbelievers who forbade the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from praying at the ka'abah:

Let him beware! If he does not stop, we will take him by the forelock (front of the head), a lying, and sinful forelock! [Quran 96:15-16]

Why did the Quran describe the front of the head as being lying and sinful?

Why didn't the Quran say that the person was lying and sinful?

Is there a relationship between the front of the head and lying and sinfulness?

The arabic word nasiyah means forelock. If we look into the skull at the front of the head, we will find the pre fontal area of the cerebrum. What does physiology tell us about the function of this area? A book entitled, essentials of anatomy & physiology, says about this area: the motivation and the foresight to plan and initiate movements occur in the anterior portion of the frontal lobes, the pre fontal area. This is a region of the association cortex... the book also says: in relation to its involvement in motivation, prefrontal area is also thought to be the functional center for aggression...

so, this area of the cerebrum is responsible for planning, motivating, and initiating good and sinful behavior, and is responsible for telling lies and speaking the truth. Thus, it is proper to describe the front of the head as lying and sinful when someone lies or commits a sin, as the Quran said: ...a lying, sinful nasiyyah (front of the head)! Scientists have only discovered these functions of the prefrontal area in the last sixty years,


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