The new feature in Tik Tok
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TikTok has added a new option to customize the feed under the “For You” page settings that allows you to engage in conversational guidance regarding what you want to see more of.

ChatGPT's influence extends beyond the interface itself, with an increasing number of platforms looking to integrate more conversational UI elements into their systems, in order to align with the evolving trends that many now see as the future.

TikTok's new personalization tool provides a simple text field for you to enter a preference, which the platform then uses to customize what it shows you.

You can also ask the customizer to show you different content for a certain period of time.

This process aims to make it easier for users to be specific about their preferences, without having to rely entirely on in-app engagement triggers.

The customization tool is highly compatible with the ChatGPT chatbot's conversational UI, allowing users to enter a few technical queries to enhance the experience.

Conversational interfaces have become essential in all applications, as users continue to become accustomed to asking for what they want, rather than being experts in Boolean searches.

This type of specification may produce less useful results, because there can often be a difference between what users think they want and what they prefer.

Facebook and Instagram users frequently expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a timeline feed, with too many Reel videos appearing from accounts they don't follow, and not seeing enough updates from friends and family, though Meta showed overall decreased usage when aligned with these complaints.

This is an indicator of the fallacy of social media trends: what gets a lot of attention, when measured by comments, shares and likes, is not always indicative of what the majority of people actually care about.

Controversial issues lead to greater participation, even though most of these issues do not affect most people's daily lives. This engagement makes companies more focused on these controversial topics, as it helps attract more traffic, which leads to more discussions, even though the majority of people do not necessarily participate in them.

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