Beware of the media and its methods of engineering ideas
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What makes some people, during a discussion, talk about the information they have as certainty, not tainted by any doubt or illusion?

Have you come across this type of people? They speak with high confidence about what they heard from television or radio news?!

Or what they read on the social media pages of one of the newspapers and electronic magazines: political, social, economic or military events. Why, I wonder, do any of these people believe - to the point of certainty - in what those satellite channels and media outlets report? It is under the influence of what is known as media programming and idea engineering.

The media has the ability to turn things around and change the atmosphere through advanced technology, methods of expression, and wording.

They manage events for the benefit of the party they are mobilizing for, stir the public’s emotions, and push them to where they want.

Indeed, some of these parties possess the media ability to deceive their audiences, program their thoughts, and control their convictions:

It turns imagination into reality, reality into illusion, illusion into reality, lying into honesty, and honesty and reality into claims and slander!!! This is what is called audience engineering or audience perception engineering. It is the programming of thoughts and the mobilization of emotions through the media and its various means for the sake of a party, political, social, or military system, or a specific sect, exploiting people’s beliefs or political tendencies. For this reason, you can wonder whether the information, reports, and news you receive through these channels and satellite channels are real and realistic, or are you a victim of deception and fabrication? Why do you lose your friends and members of your religion over news that was marketed in the media for sectarian, political purposes? Pause for a moment: and receive the news as mere talk, not reality, and focus on its content and consider its consequences: Does this news increase the chances of tolerance, love, and compassion?

Does it strengthen the bonds of communication between people, or does its content push towards bloodshed and incite hatred?

Look at the intentions of the parties behind these media outlets. Do they aim to bring together the diaspora or do they seek to sow the seeds of discord and stir up winds of division and intersection? Every human being has his mind by which he distinguishes the truthful from the liar, as the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) says: (and the friend of every person is his mind, and his enemy is his ignorance.)

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