How do you prepare your child to receive puberty and assignment?
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Many people neglect the aspect of preparing their children for the stage of adulthood and making them understand that this age is the gateway to entering the age of legal assignment and that they have received the honor of divine speech.

In undertaking the duties and abstaining from the forbidden,

Sometimes parents find it embarrassing or difficult to find an outlet to talk to their children.

Here are useful methods to help you do that:

Jurists mentioned signs of a male or female reaching the stage of legal obligation

Some of them are signs related to age, and some are related to physiological (physical) or psychological (psychological and emotional) changes.

In order to arouse your son or daughter’s interest, prepare for this time and place, such as going out for a walk, for example, or in the mosque, alone.

It is better to choose a happy religious or social occasion...

And begin talking to him about the meaning of maturity and completion:

Talk to him about things that come close to his awareness

For example: In order for the eggs to reach the hatching stage, how much time does it take for the hen to fully hatch?

The period is twenty-one days, neither more nor less, determined and determined by Allah Almighty, after which a chick will mature.

Chicken comes out of the egg shell

Tell him about the moon, when will it become a full moon?

On the fifteenth of the Arab month, the disk of the moon is full

Allah Almighty determined this amount for it

A person is in his mother’s womb and does not come out before his creation is complete and he becomes eligible to leave his mother’s womb after nine months.

Maturity is an important stage for creatures, including humans

When the male reaches the age of fifteen and the female reaches the age of nine, according to the Arabic month, Allah Almighty has made this age for you a sign of puberty and maturity, and you have been obligated to perform the Sharia rulings of prayer, fasting, hijab, and observance of The rulings on purity, which we find in the practical treatises of the honorable jurists and scholars, which you must refer to.

It is useful for you to join religious and health education courses that are held in your areas to obtain general culture about these matters.

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