Reading is a criterion for the progress of people
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Merely feeling pain is not enough to diagnose an injury unless its location is revealed and its depth is diagnosed, so that this is an incentive to confront reality, even if it is bitter, and foresighted measures are taken and available solutions and options are developed.

The possibility of change is also a reality

It is not a hypothetical matter

The decline in reading and learning in our Arab world is a terrifying reality.

By reading, we mean nourishing oneself with information and knowledge through books, taking into account the quantity and quality of literature within a regular and specific time frame.

The statistics that talk about the rate of reading in the Arab world are shameful statistics.

The nation of Iqra (read) is no longer like that!!!!

According to development and cultural statistics and reports adopted by UNESCO, the level of reading compared to non-Arab countries is a very bad level.

Perhaps these statistics did not carefully take into account the objectivity of the comparison, such as observing the economic, political, and climate situation. However, reality speaks and what is seen needs no explanation. And you, dear listener, can ask yourself about the number of books you read in the past year? Or ask your friends that question, and then you will realize the extent of the negligence in intellectual nourishment, even though we do not fall short in nourishing our bodies and fear diseases for them!!

Where do we start?

Perhaps one of the factors that pave the way for a good start in raising a generation that loves reading

It starts from education in schools and universities

And focus on

Plant the seed of a love of reading

It is known that school is the basic and first starting point for cultivating a love of reading and developing motivation for this purpose.

Because the teacher is the founder, planter, and educator of cognitive motivations

The reason for stimulating the spirit of research and reading is the atmosphere that the teaching staff creates in the classroom, school, and university in general.

An active teacher is one who follows contemporary developments in the field of study and reading techniques.

Perhaps there is a new innovation in studying and reading methods that enhances or motivates the student to love reading.

It stimulates his desire to follow facts and studies to be a discoverer and inventor who benefits people and provides the members of his community with a service they benefit from.

You, O professor, are the teacher

And the honorable parent and educator:

The greatest responsibility falls on you in raising generations with the highest goal, which is to make their members love studying and reading.

The seed will become a fruitful tree tomorrow.

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