The importance of family
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Islam views the family with great interest and considers it the cornerstone of society. Social construction and integration must occur within the framework of this family, which is the basis of society’s stability and stability and is largely responsible for its happiness.

Hearts come together and grow closer because of marriage and the formation of a family, and aloofness and isolation are eliminated and replaced by construction and creativity.

The family is the first educational and moral school, the center for the emergence of habits and the acquisition of information and experiences, and the medium through which the child’s mind and psyche are built. The family is responsible for correct and incorrect directions, and the parents are the first to teach the child, guide him, and build his basic ideas.

Marriage and forming a family is also considered a type of worship, and some have described it as a definite must for ordinary people and made it obligatory for those who feel that their chastity is in danger. The Noble Messenger (may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family) was reported to have said: “No building built in Islam is more beloved to Allah Almighty than marriage.” In fact, by building the family, a person performs the most important, most dangerous, and most useful function, which is contributing to the creation and development of human civilization.

The need to protect the family:

The responsibility of protecting the family falls first on parents, then on society and the state later. Laws must be put in place to protect families from dangers. It is a great mistake for the family to lose its status and position and follow the path of deviation and misguidance.

The Islamic government must care about the family and provide it with factors of stability, construction, and prosperity. In this way, it should ask people of opinion and thought to provide everything that strengthens the family’s status and at the same time eliminate everything that threatens its security and stability.

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