5 foods that are threatened with extinction due to drought
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A scientific journal reports that climate events will not only be felt by frequent natural disasters and extreme temperatures, but will soon have a daily impact on our lives in relation to food.

The magazine stated that we may not be able to enjoy many of our favorite foods in the next few years due to a whole host of climate-related reasons, from drought to rising temperatures, and published a list of these foods.

1. Chocolate

The magazine reported that due to climate change, the cocoa plant could be completely eliminated by 2050. Currently, more than 50% of the world's chocolate is sourced from two countries: Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. The plant is known to be sensitive to environmental changes, which explains why it is only found in areas near the equator. But growing cocoa beans is becoming increasingly difficult due to more extreme weather patterns that can raise temperatures and alter rainfall, humidity and sunlight.

2- Banana

In a recent study by the University of Exeter, bananas could be wiped out due to adverse climate conditions in 10 countries by 2050. Although fruit production has increased since 1961 due to rising temperatures and better production methods, global warming and frequent floods and droughts will lead to to exacerbate the problem. Banana production is threatened. Bananas will not only be threatened in South America, but also in Asia. India, which is the largest producer and consumer in the world, as well as the Philippines, are expected to suffer from a noticeable decline in banana productivity in the coming decades.

3- Rice

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, rising temperatures, rising sea levels and changes in rainfall patterns due to global climate change will lead to scarcity of water and land resources, which will greatly impact rice cultivation. This will particularly affect Asia, where land suitability for growing rice crops could decline by more than 50% over the next century, according to GreenQueen magazine.


The morning tonic is set to disappear because 50% of the land used to grow coffee will no longer be arable by 2100, and in a landmark report for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the body warned of the urgent need to address land management, with topsoil erosion occurring at rates faster than More than ever before, threatening the irreversible loss of the ecosystem, a study published in the journal "Science Advances" stated that popular coffee types are threatened, including Arabica coffee, which constitutes 60% of global production.

5- Potatoes

Climate change poses a serious threat to potato farming, as rising temperatures accompanying sea levels prompt potato farmers to move to higher altitudes in Peru, the largest potato producer in Latin America.

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