Meta unveils smart glasses with artificial intelligence technologies
2:50:18 2023-09-28 122

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has introduced a group of new products powered by artificial intelligence, including smart glasses that can answer questions and broadcast live on Facebook, in addition to “bot” programs for creating images and an advanced virtual reality headset.

Zuckerberg described the products as combining the virtual and real worlds, and stressed that among what Meta has provided is low-cost or free artificial intelligence that can be integrated into daily routines.

The MetaQuest virtual reality headset is the most popular in the emerging field of virtual reality, and company executives described it as the best value in the industry, referring to the imminent release of an expensive headset from Apple.

Zuckerberg, speaking from a central courtyard on the sprawling Meta campus in Silicon Valley, said that a new generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses from Meta would start being released on October 17 at a price of $299.

The device will include a new assistant from Meta that works with artificial intelligence and will be able to broadcast live what the user sees on Facebook and Instagram, which is an achievement compared to the previous generation’s ability to take pictures.

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